The Importance Of Photo Editing

In today’s world pictures are everywhere, making it difficult for images to stand out and get noticed.  Only smart, well-edited photographic presentations will connect with viewers and make a desired impression.

For photographers, a well-edited portfolio is essential to defining who you are and making the strongest visual statement. A presentation with proper organization, a point of view, and knowledge of the marketplace will successfully showcase your talent and improve your chances of getting work.

For any business or organization, using compelling imagery is vital to communicating a message either for an editorial or corporate purpose.  Whether it’s for a magazine, a corporate brochure, website or tablet, the intelligent use of photography will effectively express your content and style.

For Photographers

  • Review work, identify a style, and create or modify a portfolio for print, website or tablet
  • Conceptualize and advise on projects including books and exhibitions
  • Suggest new directions for your photography
  • Develop marketing plan
  • Classes and workshops for individuals and groups

For Organizations

  • Translate ideas and concepts into visual imagery that communicates
  • Determine the most effective way to acquire photography
  • Research existing stock photography or commission original photography
  • Create marketing presentations using photography

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