Scott Mlyn is a photography consultant specializing in portfolio editing and creative direction for photographers, and in the acquisition of photography for publications and organizations.


For many years, Scott was Deputy Picture Editor at BusinessWeek magazine, where he commissioned photographers on assignment and researched existing photography.  He was instrumental in implementing the creative direction of the magazine and directed the magazine’s photo essays.

He was also the Director of Photography of Sport magazine, a freelance Picture Editor at Forbes magazine and a Picture Editor for the Associated Press.

As a picture editor, he has reviewed hundreds of photographer’s portfolios and brings first-hand knowledge of what makes an engaging and effective presentation.  He is particularly skillful at recognizing a photographer’s unique talent and creating a portfolio that makes the strongest visual statement.

Scott is fully experienced in translating ideas into dynamic photography and can determine the most efficient way to acquire pictures.  His expertise includes photographer selection, assignment direction, research of existing photography, usage rights and legal issues.


His own photography includes a project on Major League Baseball which resulted in the book Before the Game, containing a foreword by Charles Kuralt and text by Louis D. Rubin, Jr.

His photographs were in the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition “Diamonds are Forever: Artists and Writers on Baseball,” and in the accompanying publication by Chronicle Books.

Scott created a film based on his still pictures, also called Before the Game, which was shown at the Museum of Modern Art and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.  He made multimedia videos for BusinessWeek internal presentations as well as for businessweek.com.

Scott studied with Lisette Model, John Loengard, and Gregory Heisler, and was an instructor at the International Center of Photography.