Scott Mlyn is a consummate visual professional. He has the most grounded and tasteful classic visual sensibilities of anyone I know. Scott recently helped edit my work for a book and his unfailing judgment of what works was first rate. He knows how to get to the heart of visuals that communicate to any audience for any purpose.

Red Morgan, Photographer

Scott spent a couple of hours on the phone with me, systematically going through each section, and gave me an abundance of solid, carefully thought out, direct advice which was conveyed in a way that I could relate to. It’s so difficult to be objective about one’s work so it’s really nice to hear a professional’s comments. He’s a great editor.

Jamie Tanaka, Photographer

I am the founder of a high-end residential and commercial design/build firm and I highly recommend Scott for his exceptional photo editing skills. I commission new photography and regularly require site photographs to be edited for client presentations. Scott and I have collaborated on many of these projects over the years. Recently, I gave Scott hundreds of disorganized pictures and Scott skillfully edited and assembled them into an elegant presentation that communicated important features of my work as well as aesthetic themes of my design sensibilities. He has a genuine talent for photography, photo editing and visual presentations.

Vincent Ashbahian, Ashbahian Design, L.L.C.